Seattle Panorama Images By Bruce Martin

Seattle Sliding Curtain View: Day/Night, June 2006    -    Click here for the sliding panorama

This sliding window changes from a day light view to a night time view.
View the Seattle day/night sliding panorama here to click and drag the curtain rod.

Seattle Sky Line From West Seattle, April 2006    -    Click here for big image

The 7pm setting sun shines on the Seattle sky line. When you go to the big panorama image, you will see that one big cloud came and put the left hand side buildings, including the Space Needle, in a shadow before I could take the shot. Also, if you look closely on the right hand side, just to the left of the three biggest cranes, you will see a red circle that shows where our living room window looks down the street between two buildings to see Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. A narrow view, but a lovely one. View the Seattle skyline panorama here.

Southwest view from First Hill    -    Click here for big image

Here is a view from Seattle's "First Hill", also known locally as "Pill Hill" because of the hospitals and medical centers located here. The view is southwest and shows the new stadiums, the International Area, more commonly known as China Town, where we live, the Pioneer Square area, and the major harbor area of the waterfront. Look closely at the left hand edge of the picture and you will see a red circle that encloses the living room window of our apartment. (See our living room view.) From our apartment we walk along the waterfront for exercise. We walk to Pioneer Square for the wonderful book store there, and we can walk to our doctors up on Pill Hill. View the southwest Seattle panorama here.

Madison Park Beach On Lake Washington, July 2005    -    Click here for big image

The far east end of Madison Avenue stops in the Madison Park neighborhood on the western shore of Lake Washington. Here is one of the most popular beaches in Seattle. One beautiful summer Sunday in July, the beach was crowded with people enjoying the water, and the sunbathing scene. So I used the opportunity to take another beach panorama to compare with the one of Spring Lake beach that I took last July 4th in Spring Lake, NJ. View the Madison Park beach panorama here.