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Swept Away, Christmas Card, 2004

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Some New Panoramas

These are some large (40MB or more) picture files that were stiched together from many individual shots. The resulting panoramas can be zoomed in and dragged to view details that are very high resolution. View the panoramas here.

Our Drive Home To NYC Through Canada

We ended the lease on our Seattle apartment on July 31, 2006. On August 1st, we started a leisurely auto trip back home across Canada. Some pictures that we took are posted here. This a blog, so the pictures are in reverse chronological order. See our photo journal here.

The Gates - Central Park - 2005

For our pictures of The Gates in Central Park in the winter of 2005, check out our blog. Since this a blog, the pictures are in reverse chronological order.

Our Seattle Adventure

On October 10, 2004, we arrived in Seattle, and we signed a lease on an apartment in Seattle's "International District", more commonly known as Chinatown. On October 14, Betsy went to her first pottery class in her new studio. View some pictures here.

It seems that a lot happens outside of our windows. We are on the corner of Weller St. and 5th Ave.(fancy address for New Yorkers!) and 5th is a main thoroughfare. As you can see from the earlier pictures on our web site, we have a nice view north up 5th Ave. from our apartment windows. Thanksgiving 2004 was an eventful weekend for activities on 5th Avenue. See what happened.

Our Seattle Adventure:
Seattle Panoramas

I am taking panorama pictures of Seattle scenes and I will post them here as they are done. View the Seattle panoramas here.

Our Seattle Adventure:
"Pretend Clients" At The Art Institute of Seattle

We had a fantastic experience as "pretend clients" at the Design Development (Residential) course at the Art Institute of Seattle. In the spring of 2005 we went to two sessions of the class: "A New Urban Dwelling In Downtown Seattle". The first was so the students could interview us in order to understand their pretend client's needs and desires for the new condo. The second visit was to hear the students give presentations of their designs for the two story, duplex condo.
Click here to see what happened.

Our Seattle Adventure:
River Panoramas From The Trip Out

Here are panorama views of three rivers that we visited during our trip out to Seattle. View the pictures here.

New York City Panorama
September, 2004

In September, I wanted to take a panorama picture of the New York City skyline before we left for Seattle so that I could hang something on the wall to remind me of New York. One clear morning, I went up to the roof of our apartment building and took the images that I used for this panorama. View the New York City panorama here. Look closely and you will see the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.

Spring Lake Beach Panorama
July 4, 2004

On July 4th, 2004, it was a perfect day at the Jersey Shore. I went to the North End Pavilion of the Spring Lake beach to take a series of pictures that I stitched together to make a panoramic image. View the beach panorama here.

South American Vacation Trip
February 2004

We had a fabulous trip. In fact, we had two fabulous trips. Traveling the same paths as the Incas in Peru was quite different than swimming with the sea lions in the Galapagos.

In Peru, the focus was on the Incas and the incredible structures they built in their 100 year reign between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean from Ecuador down to Chile. Our Inca tour visited Cuzco, which was the Inca capitol, and Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley. Our tour culminated with a stay at Machu Picchu. View the pictures of Peru.

In the Galapagos, we were on a yacht for six days. A highlight of our onshore excursions was to see blue footed boobies doing their mating dance. But the real thrill was to be in the water to snorkel with the sea lions and the sea turtles. View the pictures of Galapagos.

Ceramics Wood Firing Workshop
November 2003

Betsy and her group of potters from Earthworks Pottery went on a second trip to Peters Valley, NJ for a wood firing. After the kiln had cooled for a week, they went back to unload the pots and Bruce went to take pictures. View the pictures of Unloading The Pots.

For pictures of the complete wood firing process, look at these taken at the April 2001 Wood Firing Workshop..

New York - Why would you ever want to leave?

Here is a day in the life of a New York retiree. View the Spring Day's walk pictures.

Pictures 2002

Here are the four top pictures from Christmas of 2002. View the Christmas of 2002.

Patrick and Laura’s New House

For Thanksgiving 2002 we visited Betsy’s brother Patrick and his family in their new house in Chapel Hill, NC. Check out Patrick and Laura’s New House.

Our Condo In Spring Lake Heights

In July 2002, we bought a condo in Fairway Mews. This is a townhouse that was built in 1977 on a golf course. We're not golfers, but we bought it because it is only seven blocks from the Spring Lake ocean beach and boardwalk where we go for swimming and walking. It's an easy bike ride, and we expect to be at the beach alot. At the condo we like to sit and watch the golfers play the 11th hole in front of our patio. Take A Look At Our Condo as it is, with the furniture that came with it, before we redecorate.
     P.S. We sold this condo in Sept of 2004. We had three wonderful summers at the Jersey Shore. But we decided to try something completely new -- so we went to Seattle!

Betsy’s New Kitchen Cabinets

Bruce’s New York apartment kitchen cabinet refacing project is finished in 2002. See the results here. Betsy's New Kitchen Cabinets

Birthday Party March 2002

To celebrate Bruce’s 70th, we hosted a small diner party at a local Italian restaurant. Birthday Party

Bagpipe Parade April 2002

Picture 10,000 bagpipers and drummers marching up 6th Avenue and into Central Park. The marchers come from all 50 states and some 30 countries. It is Tartan Day, commemorating April 6, 1320, when the Scottish Parliament dispatched a letter to the pope declaring Scotland's independence. Bagpipe Parade

Chinatown New Year’s Lion Dances, 2002

Some pictures of the Lion Dances in Chinatown. Notice that there are almost no other round-eyes in evidence. (Can you find them?) This is as close as you can get to being in China itself without going there. Chinatown, 2002

Seattle Christmas, 2001

We travelled to Seattle for a Christmas celebration with Laura and Dani. Seattle Christmas, 2001

Wall Street Area, Sept 15, 2001

On Saturday, September 15, the city was still closed below Canal St., but it was accessible in the Wall St. area. Betsy and I decided to explore the area. Wall Street Area, Sept 15, 2001

Summer 2001 Vacation In Canada

From July 28 to Aug 11 we stayed in an apartment in Montreal, where we explored the city and ate great food. Montreal City Life

From Aug 12 to Aug 26 we stayed in an 19th century oceanfront home on Green Island (Ile Verte), in the Saint-Lawrence estuary, where we watched the tides and hiked the meadows and beaches. On Ile Verte ("Green Island")

Stocking The Pond, July 2001

Betsy, Bruce and Suzanne stocked Kath and Larry’s pond at their Catskill retreat with largemouth bass and minnows. Stocking The Pond

Ceramics Wood Firing Workshop April 2001

Betsy and her studio group of potters went on a long weekend trip to Peters Valley, NJ for a wood firing. Bruce went along to take pictures. Wood Firing Workshop

Car Trip To The Okefenokee Swamp
March 2001

We drove to the Okefenokee Swamp for a short vacation trip. Okefenokee Trip

Betsy’s Pottery Gallery

Here are some of Betsy’s ceramics. Pottery Gallery

Bruce’s Photo Gallery

For Christmas, 2000, I received a Cannon Powershot G1 digital camera, Photoshop 6 imaging software, and an Epson Stylus Photo 1270 printer. Now my hobby is digital imaging. Here are some of the results.
March Snow
New York, New York
Spring Lake Ocean

Nepal Trip
March 1999

In early spring of 1999, we went to Nepal to do some trekking. Nepal Trip

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Spring Lake Tiles

These are images of the Spring Lake, NJ, beach pavilion's antique tiles. Spring Lake Tiles

Nicole and Caitlin Riley come to visit
April 2001

Nicole and Caitlin came from LA to visit their great aunt Betsy in NYC. Nicole and Caitlin Riley come to visit